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This will be added to as I think of more information to add!

Basic Info
You get a skill reset potion @ level 30, this is useable until lvl 35.

Item Enhancement
To enhance items you need Incant Cards. There are two types: Regular and Colored. Regular can be obtained by looting monsters, from dropped boxes, or you can buy them at Nojacque in Terminus. Colored can be obtained by crafting (Alchemist) or buying from Auction House.

Regular Incant cards
Regular Incant cards add:
  • Physical and Magical defense to armors and shields
  • Physical Attack to all physical weapons and Magical Attack to all magical weapons
  • Physical Attack, Magical Attack, and Heal Recovery Amount to Healer Canes/Scepters
Regular Incant cards come in the following varieties:
  • Armor Incant Card (lvl 1-50 or lvl 51-75)
  • Weapon/Shield Incant Card (lvl 1-50 or lvl 51-75)
  • High Class Armor Incant Card (lvl 1-30 or 31-60)
  • High Class Weapon/Shield Incant Card (lvl 1-30 or 31-60)
Colored Incant Cards
Colored Incants give special properties in addition to the properties given by Regular Incant cards.
-The properties they add are specific to the equip type they are used on (Head, Chest, Leggings, Gloves, or Boots) AND the color of the card.
-There are no Colored Incants for weapons.
-You must use the same color of Incant each time when using Colored Incants.
-When using a Colored Incant, the equip cannot have a +1, +2, +3, etc. from a Regular Incant card.

Colored Incant Cards come in the following varieties:
  • Flawed
  • (No Prefix)
  • Shining
  • Flawless
To see the sucess rates of the different enchant cards availableclick here!
To see the different available Colored Enchants click here!

Using Incant Cards
When applying an Incant there will be one of three results if your item does not upgrade successfully:
  • Your item does not gain a level.
  • Your item does not gain a level AND it loses a level.
  • Your item breaks and is lost.

To apply the Incant:
1. Make sure the equip you want to upgrade is unequipped and in your inventory.
2. Double-click the Incant card you want to use, the Enhancement window will pop up.
3. Right-click the equip you want to use it on, the equip will move into the Enhancement window.
If you are using a protection card go to step 4, if you are not using a protection card skip step 4.
4. Right-click the protection card, the protection card will show up in the Enhancement window.
5. Click the "Enhance" button near the bottom of the Enhancement window.
You will get a result of either "Success!" or "Failure!"

Card Slots
Card slots appear on some equipment.
There are the following varieties:
  • 'A' slot.
  • 'B' slot.
  • 'AB' slot.
  • 'O' slot.
Item Equip cards are put into these slots to give you stat bonuses. Cards can only go in certain slots depending on type:
  • 'A' cards can only go in 'A' slots.
  • 'B' cards can only go in 'B' slots.
  • 'AB' cards can go in 'A' slots, 'B' slots, or 'AB' slots.
  • 'O' cards can go in any slot (A, B, AB, or O).
To see the different Item Equip cards and their effects Click here!

Card Slot Creation
A card slot can be added with a "Card Slot Creation Scroll", which is available in the cash shop. Note that only ONE slot may be created on a single equip, and that a slot can ONLY be created on items with 4 slots or less.
There are two types of Card Slot Creation Scrolls:
  • Card Slot Creation Scroll (1-30)- Used for equips level 1-30/Cash Shop Costume Equips (Head, Body, Accessory, Face)
  • Card Slot Creation Scroll (30-60)- Used for equips lvl 30-60


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